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Advanced Training For Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations


This course is designed for all captain, chief engineer, chief mate, second engineer officers
and any person having responsibility for loading, unloading, and care in during the trip, and handling in tankers to transport liquefied gas, as established by the Regulation V/1‐2., paragraphs 4.3, section A‐V1‐2 paragraph 2 and Table A‐V /1‐2‐2 , of the International Convention on Standards of Training certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended.

General objectives:

The participant having completed the course will be familiar with the relevant provisions of international conventions and international and national codes. It will also familiar with the project and equipment of vessels to transport liquefied gas; types of ships for transporting liquefied gas; containment system load (construction, surveys) equipment of cargo handling (pumps, piping); conditioning systems load (heating and cooling); systems control the atmosphere in the tanks (IGS nitrogen); instruments for cargo containment and handling systems; Fire‐fighting systems and safety equipment and rescue.

Will be familiar with basic notions of physics and chemistry relevant to the Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk safety.

Will be familiar with the hazard to health liquefied gas (toxicity hazard inherent skin contact, inhalation and ingestion, medical first aid and administration of antidotes).

Will be familiar with the fundamental principles of containment systems, hazard to human life and the marine environment.

With familiar with the different types of pumps, pumping devices, steam systems and other important devices in tankers for transporting liquefied gas.

Establish procedures for the preparation of loading and unloading; function, calibration and use of portable measuring instruments; shall develop plans on board and general principles for Inerting load and empty spaces.


This course is available to people active sea who has complete the course of firefighting, not necessarily have worked in tankers and gas carriers regular part of the crew but must have completed the training required by regulation V/1‐2 .

IMO Course No: 1.05 Course Duration: 8 days (60 hours). Apply for this course »