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Advanced Training For Oil Tanker Cargo Operations


This course is designed for all captain, chief engineer, chief mate, second engineer officers and any person having responsibility for loading, unloading, and care in during the trip of oil tankers ships, as established regulation VI/1-1, paragraphs 4.3 section A-VI /1-1, paragraph 2 and Table A-VI / 1-1-2 the International Convention on standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for seafarers, STCW / 78, as amended.

Goals General objectives:

The participant having completed the course will be familiar with the relevant provisions of international conventions and international and national codes; IMO Manual on Oil Pollution; safety guidelines for oil tankers and port regulations of general application.
It will also familiar with piping circuits, pumping systems and the arrangement of tanks and deck; types of cargo pumps and their application to various types of cargo; Tank cleaning systems and degassing and inerting thereof; aeration of cargo tanks and ventilation of the accommodation; probe systems and alarm; heating systems the load; and the safety aspects of electrical systems. You will have knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of various cargoes of oil properties. It will perform calculations on loading operations on the ship, repair and maintenance and emergency operations.

Specific Objectives:

The specific objectives are described in each of the units and instructional modules of the development plan of this course.


The course is open to seafarers who have completed a training course of basic firefighting approved by the Administration, and have sufficient experience to their roles in the oil, as stipulated in the Regulation of Training V/1, paragraph 2.1 and sub-paragraphs 1.1 or 1.2. The following is therefore the minimum entry requirement:
Relevant experience aboard a ship as stipulated by STCW1978 as amended (Regulation V/1,) An advanced course approved of fire extinguishing

IMO Course No: 1.02 Course Duration: 8 days (60 hours). Apply for this course »