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Crowd Management


This course is designed to comply with the requirements of Regulation V/2 section A‐V/2, paragraph 1‐2, of the STCW/78, as amended.

General objectives

The participant having completed the course will be able to comply with the correct procedures in different emergency situations that can occur on board a passenger ship, to take the necessary measures to prevent the panic of the passengers and other crew of little experience, direct or guide the passengers to points of embarkation or meeting; give clear instructions; be familiar with all devices for rescue and its location.


In what refers to the training provided by this course model, there are no rules about the level of income‐specific. However, all personnel who have specific responsibilities on board must receive adequate training according to their duties and responsibilities, as detailed below in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.

1. Training in crowd control requires captains, officers, sailors and other personnel on ro‐ro and passenger ships (STCW 1978 code, section A‐V/2 pa.1, and section A‐V/3 pa.1).

2. Familiarization training required of captains, officers, sailors and other personnel that have been assigned specific duties and responsibilities on ro‐ro passenger vessels and passenger ships (STCW code, section A‐V/2 pa. 2, and section A‐V/ 3 pa.2).

3. Security training required for staff to provide a direct service to passengers in these spaces (STCW code, section A‐V/2 pa.3, and section A‐V/ 3 pa.3)

IMO Course No: 1.28 Regulation: V/2 Course Duration: 1 days (8 hours). Apply for this course »