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Dangerous, Hazardous And Harmful Cargoes


This course is designed to comply with the requirements established for the training of officers and sailors responsible for shipboard cargo handling of ships carrying in bulk or in packaged form hazardous, and dangerous substances according to the provisions of the international code of dangerous goods (IMDG Code).

General objectives:

At the end of the course the participant will be able of:
(a) meet the main international agreements concerning hazardous substances.
(b) apply the rules of the IMDG Code.
(c) understand and apply physical and chemical classification of dangerous substances.
(d) meet the division of dangerous substances according to the recommendations of the UN and IMDG Code.
(E) understand and apply the types of packaging.
(f) understand and apply the procedures of entry of the charge.
(g) dominate the recommendations of the IMDG Code concerning the work at the ports to get dangerous goods.
(h) know the importance that has the update of the IMDG Code.


The course is designed as a free ‐ standing one and does not depend on a certain level of knowledge of other aspects of the operations of the ship or knowledge required detailed chemical manufacturing. However, for the seafarers, the additional training as specified in the STCW Convention may be required to achieve the appropriate qualifications. If used as a module for the certification of seafarers in accordance with STCW academic training required for this certification applies.

The course can also be used for the training of experienced key qualifications which have or claim to have responsibilities for dangerous goods.
Shore ‐ based personnel who wish to enter this course ideal would be to have a general knowledge of the regulations on dangerous goods and a minimum of 12 months of experience recently in dealing with the transport of dangerous goods by a mode of transportation (national or international whose requirements are based on the recommendations of the Nations States (B6).

IMO Course No: 1.10 Regulation: II/2 Course Duration: 4 days (31.25 hours). Apply for this course »