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Elementary First Aid


This course was designed in compliance with the Convention of training, certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers STCW/78 as amended, according to Rule VI/1, section VI/1 and table V /1‐3).

General objectives:

The aim of this course is training in some basic knowledge of first aid (immediate, appropriate, and temporary care provided to injured persons or with disease in vessels in high seas or port, before being treated in a medical center) having as priorities:

  1. Preserving life
  2. Avoid physical and psychological complications
  3. Aid recovery
  4. Ensure understanding of all persons on Board of the basic knowledge of first aid in
    any emergency brought on a boat.


This course is open to all seafarers serving on board seagoing ships. It does not require any specific educational requirements.

IMO Course No: 1.13 Regulation: VI/1 Course Duration: 2 days (15 hours). Apply for this course »