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Engine Room Resources Management


This course is classroom‐based and designed for the ship’s engineering personnel. The course relies heavily on the use of the simulators as tools to learn engine room resource management. The course topics and exercises are designed to expose the student to human factors and to relay the importance of these factors in managing information and engineering operations of the engineering plant.


The objectives of this course is to complete the learning goals of individual lectures and discussion modules (e.g. leadership, communications, team building, multicultural diversity, etc.) and to successfully participate in the simulator and team exercises, thereby displaying knowledge of Engine Room Resource Management and Engine Room Teambuilding Principles, and in doing so, satisfy STCW standards for the Officer in Charge of the Engineering Watch.

Entry standards Prerequisites

Students who wish to enter this course must have a minimum of service experience of listening to six months as officer in charge of an engineering watch.

The course is principally intended for candidates for certification as Chief Engineer; First or Second Engineer Officer on seagoing ships. Those wishing to enter this course should be the holders of Certificates that satisfying the requirements of regulation III/1; III/2 or III/3 of the STCW convention as engineer officer in charge of an engine room watch. They should therefore have completed a course of training which meets or exceeds the standard set out in table A‐III/1 of the STCW code, and completed the sea service needed for certification as CE/SE while qualified as an engineer officer in charge of an engine room watch.

Regulation: III/1, Section A-III/1 and Table A-III/1 Course Duration: 5 days (40 hours). Apply for this course »