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Medical First Aid


This course is designed to comply with the requirements laid down in chapter VI rule VI/4, section VI/4,tableVI/4‐1 of the International Convention on standards of training certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers STCW/78, as amended.

General objectives:

Participant must ensure training, fitness and ability to take charge of the medical care of the crew during and after to launching as required in the table VI /4‐1 of the STCW, as well as with Chapter VI, section A‐V1/4.


For admission to the course seafarers should have completed course model IMO No. 1.13, elementary first aid or reached a similar level in elementary first aid.

IMO Course No: 1.14 Regulation: VI/4 Course Duration: 4 days (30 hours). Apply for this course »