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Radar, ARPA, Bridge Teamwork and Search and Rescue


This course is designed in compliance with the requirements for basic training in the use of navigation systems ARPA to led the Captains and Deck Officers in charge of the navigational watch, based on the Rules II / 1 and II / 2, and minimum competition specifications described in Tables A‐II / 1 and A‐II / 2, referring to the use of electronic navigation aids the International Convention on Standards of Training certification and Watch keeping for seafarers, STCW / 78, as amended.


The participant after the course should recognize that situations you must use the system ARPA, select the mode and appropriate in the circumstances set points, and to ensure optimal use of computer to its best advantage; also know the limitations of the equipment in target detection and terms of accuracy. So also consider the need to maintain a continuous plotting vessels may represent potential risks of collision.


This course is designed especially for applicants for certification as master or chief mate of seagoing vessels. Those interested in receiving must be in possession of a title that meets the requirements of regulation II / 1 or II / 3 of the STCW Convention applicable to the officer in charge of a navigational watch. Therefore must have completed a training course that meets or exceeds the standard specified in the Table A‐II / 1 of the STCW Code and compliment the seagoing necessary to the title of captain or first officer and have qualified for certification of official and in charge of a navigational watch.

IMO Course No: 1.08 Regulation: II/2 Course Duration: 5 days (38 hours). Apply for this course »