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Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting and use of ARPA


This course is designed to meet the requirements for training in the use of navigation systems RADAR for captains and deck officers in charge of a navigational watch, based on regulation I/12 and II/1, section A‐II/1, section A‐II/1, Table A‐II/1, in reference to the use of electronic AIDS to navigation of the International Convention on standards of training, certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers, 1978, as amended.

General objectives:

The participant at the end of the course must recognize that situations should use RADAR, select mode and appropriate setting to the circumstances, as well as ensure the optimal use of the equipment to their best advantage; also know the limitations of the equipment in the detection of objectives and terms of precision. So also consider the need to maintain a continuous plotting of ships that may represent potential risks of collision.

Entry level:

This course is primarily aimed at candidates for certification as deck officers of a navigational watch. Before entering the course, students must have completed a minimum period of six months at sea and, preferably, have acquired some experience of the guard of the bridge.

Officials in practices for certification as officer in charge of a navigational watch must have completed or be following a planned and structured training program. On board training should include tasks or projects related to the work and tasks of guard of bridge. Instructors can find evidence of the standard achieved by students in the prospective official registry of training.

The course would also be of value for other people that use radar, who work in this type of vessels such as port and customs patrol launches, in which case the entry standards can be adjusted to suit the particular circumstances.

IMO Course No: 1.07 Course Duration: 9 days (66.5 hours). Apply for this course »