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Train The Trainer


This course is designed to comply with the provisions of Rule 1.6, Section AI / 6 of the International Convention for Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers, STCW / 78 amended.

General Objectives:

The purpose of this training program is to assist systematic and pedagogical orientation to impart training as teachers, organization, presentation, updating and completion of courses and other training activities for seafarers.

Tfter completing the course the participant will be able to:


Applicants who wish to train on the competition rules required by the STCW Convention and must have the technical knowledge required and must be skilled in the art upon which will conduct the training. For example, applicants who intend to teach navigation should have experience as mates, while those who wish to teach marine machines must be qualified officer’s machines.
This model course assumes that candidates are suitably qualified in the technical aspects of their subjects. It would also be useful to at least some members of the group of applicants had had some experience as a teacher.

IMO Course No: 6.09 Course Duration: 8 days (60 hours). Apply for this course »